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The Modern Aviator wants to help you see the world in the best way possible. These articles will give you travel tips from an airline pilot’s point of view. Being a pilot comes hand-in-hand with travelling. We fly to a destination, spend a short pre-determined amount of time there, and then fly home for some days off.

Some of us like to see the best the city has to offer in that short time, so we offer you City Guides to make the most of your time. Travelling to a city you haven’t been to or possibly even heard much about can be an exciting idea, but when the time comes it can be a daunting ordeal. With our city guides, we provide first-hand accounts from those who have been where you want to go! This means the good and the bad. Learn from someone else so you don’t have to waste a day of your hard earned trip.

Some of the best benefits of being a pilot are the ample amounts of time off, coupled with flight and hotel benefits. In this time off, we tend to travel extensively. The difference being that now we are booking our own flights and hotels as opposed to the company pampering us! The Modern Aviator will provide you with Booking Advice as told first hand from those who do it most.

Part of a great trip is having the right gear! With our Product Reviews we we’ll guide you toward the essentials and away from the duds. Find honest opinions and experiences on everything from luggage to headphones, sunscreen to bathing suits.

With travel tips from an airline pilot, you’ve come to the right place for all your travel planning needs.